Friday, July 20, 2012


Look what all the rain has done...

A month ago, this was turning brown in spots and getting sparse.  Here is the view from the porch looking toward the front mesquite tree.  Grass is rebounding everywhere and while the green is indeed beautiful, it's definitely out of control.  That bench under the tree is even starting to get covered up.

Here is another view and you can see how tall part of the yard is.  Yes the grass there is about a foot tall.  If it sounds like complaining, it really isn't.  Regular readers of the blog know that I love my time on my John Deere riding lawn mower, or as I call it, my big green zen machine so mowing is OK by me.

This close-up shows that it's not just grass, it's grass and weeds and who knows what else.  Whatever mix of greens it is, it all needs to be mowed.  So this weekend, with a couple days now of drying out and no rain in the forecast for a change, I'm hoping that I can spend some quality time doing that mowing.  It's definitely going to need it.  And as compared to last Summer, when we went almost a year with no measurable rain at all, we'll take the green wherever we can get it.  I'll be sure and take pictures if I'm able to get it done.


  1. Slash and burn? No, no, green is good. :) I was so happy to have the house get down to 74 degrees inside yesterday. Woo woo

    1. Slash and burn... hmm then that means you would have to be smoking that green stuff. IDK mister. Ordinance after all ;)

  2. i hope you have a great time getting some green therapy, buddy!

    your friend,


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