Sunday, July 8, 2012


Farming Holiday Camp poster, courtesy of: Imperial War Museum
Here is poster from WWII courtesy of our British friends.  They were big on getting children involved in gardening and food production during the war effort.  I don't have any details on the actual farming camp they asked kids to attend but I love the slogan they used.  "Lend a hand on the land".  Very nice.  The design of the image is pretty neat too.

I'm not sure how many kids today might like a "farming camp" but hey, it would be worth a try wouldn't it?  Perhaps calling it a "gardening camp" would be more appealing?  Heck, if they had them for adults, I'd sign up tomorrow! 

As always, you can click on "history" and see all the vintage posters I've found online and posted info about.  I don't own these posters but I enjoy the search in "finding" more online and sharing them with you!


  1. i enjoy all of your vintage poster posts...i like those old posters, too. hmmm....maybe i should start a gardening camp here....get the kids in, set them to work weeding and watering and digging trenches while jambaloney and i sunbathe at the river - bahahahahahah!

    your friend,

  2. Primary schools over here are getting quite good at having veg patches and garden patches outside for the children to tend and learn from. I think it is an excellent idea to get them interested young, get them learning what goes into growing and making the food they eat. It is still not enough, but it is a step in the right direction. A good school will recognise this I think, as will good parents.

  3. Is that what we call Community Gardens now? It makes sense that everyone in the neighborhood would help and teaching the children the importance of growing their own food would just seem practical. I like the school idea above too.


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