Friday, July 27, 2012


Our neighbor's property, a favorite view
Here is a view that I enjoy.  We can't see it from the house but it is the view from the future garden site area.  Not a bad thing to be looking at when I'm someday pulling weeds and working in the garden.

This is one reason I can decompress when out there.  It's just acres and acres of nothing, no traffic, no other houses right up against the property line, just nature at its quietest and most peaceful.

I swear, a couple of hours out there feels like a whole day vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I know that the days of even more hard work are yet to come but even the hard work out there feels more rewarding than the hard work in town.  Maybe it's because we are building a future.


  1. You do have a beautiful view. There's nothing better to unwind from all the stresses of town and life than to be surrounded by nature. You've got some great plans for your home and garden. I'm glad to be following you on your journey. Hope all you wish for comes true.

  2. Beautiful. Yes, I agree peace & quiet for a few hours can feel like a whole day. We only have about 24 hours at our country house this time of year but the switch gets turned off the minute we turn on to our country road.

  3. Fantastic view, no noise, bright lights, sirens, very peaceful, enjoy ....................

  4. It glorious. I love that feeling that there is no traffic, no modern world for miles around. It is the same view that someone would have seen in that spot hundreds of years ago. All this future seating area - get sitting there and enjoy it!

  5. it is a very beautiful view 1st Man! and there is nothing like waking up in the morning, running to look out of the window to make sure that it all wasn't a dream, and finding it exactly as you left it the night before. it's not a dream, it's real. thank you Lord. *sigh*

    your friend,

  6. Hello.

    Just found your blog and can identify with it completely. We have done something similar in the South West of England. There is nothing quite like closing the gate and leaving the mad world behind. But there's also a huge amount of work to be done.. ten year project (and that's me in an optimistic mood!).

    Best of luck! Look forward to following your progress. Jessica.


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