Monday, July 16, 2012


This is a new addition to the farm, a wonderful little blue and white ceramic trinket box.  It's so pretty, it's a white background with a blue floral design on it that even matches the colors of the dresser knobs we recently purchased.

When you take it apart, you have a nice little place to put something.  We put it on the new 'blue' dresser, so it will have a special place.  The reason?  This was sent to us by a "friend of the blog"!  Such a thoughtful gesture.

A big thank you to our new friend!


  1. when you take the time to cultivate blog friendships - the rewards are never ending. that is such a beautiful keep-sake - and sooo totally matches the blue bedroom - whoever sent it is a lovely and kind person for sure. they are what i call keepers.

    such a lovely thing to do eh? it makes my heart melt and fills my heart with hope and the idea that the world is still filled with lovely people - we just need to go out and find them.

    ahhh. i am really touched. so thoughtful. your friend,

  2. What a wonderful gift! It's amazing the wonderful people you meet through blogging!

  3. It fills my heart too to hear stories like this, kindness is out there in all its forms and how lovely to meet such great people through blogging, I know that the experience has been a wonderful one for me.

  4. So pretty and glad that it matches. And I agree, it is wonderful to find and meet new friends. The internet is truly a powerful force to work with(in).

  5. Oh what a sweet thoughtful gift. I have been following your blog (but I'm not a "follower" over there at the side, I don't have an account) but you are on my favorites list and I visit every day. I like that you post something everyday and it's fun going on your journey. I love your colors in that room and the gift is spot on right.

  6. I just traveled back in time to your first post and read I'm exhausted from your creativeness. Our creative years are behind us, now that just standing up is a huge production in itself. Your wise use of indigo blue and white is SO refreshing. Happy Home to you!


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