Sunday, July 8, 2012


Dark skies coming again
Well, it wasn't a total loss for everyone here...we need the rain of course and we have had a nice "cool" respite from the oppressive heat.

As far as working outside though, nope, zilch, nada.  We were stuck inside ALL weekend.  We went to the farm on Saturday and got some stuff done inside, cleaning, rearranging, hanging some pictures and curtain rods, etc, but when the rain just got too heavy, we decided to head back into Houston in case the roads got crazy.  We were going to go back out today, but woke up to more dark skies and sure enough, steady rain again all day long.  So we decided to stay in town and get some stuff done around the house that we've neglected the last few weekends.  All in all it was a relaxing weekend.  Of course, now I'm just imagining how tall the grass will be next weekend!  I think I'll take pictures before I start mowing, so you can see how crazy it is.

Hope your weekend was productive, or relaxing, or fun, or cool, or whatever makes you happy!

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  1. That's exactly what we would need, a shower!!! So things could be done inside too :D


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