Monday, July 16, 2012


Here are some thrift store finds.  Recently, I was meeting some friends for dinner and on the way over there, I hit a few thrift stores in the area.

First up, a pair of cast iron wall sconces.  It's hard to tell in the picture but they are in a distressed white finish, kind of shabby chic.  They will be perfect in the guest room, as is.  No painting necessary.  $2.00 each.

Next up was another one of those terracotta clay wine coolers.  I figured we might want to have more than one bottle cooling at a time, and it almost matches the other one so it's ours now.  99 cents.

Then I found a cool little glass dish, not sure what I'll put in it or use it for, but I liked the style and now we own it.  79 cents.

Lastly, the "big" purchase of the day, this ceramic luminary, in the design of a basket with flowers.  You put a candle in the back (tealight) and then it glows through the holes that are all over it.  It's really beautiful when it is lit up.  It will be perfect in the guest room since flowers are the theme in there.  $3.50

Less than $10.00, can't beat that!  I love a bargain!


  1. i am really liking the way "my" guest room is shaping up - teehee!

    great finds as usual, buddy! your friend,

  2. You find great things! I love those white candle holders, can't wait to see them up. Will you take reservations for the guest room? Ha.


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