Saturday, August 6, 2011


One year, while driving to the local Texas Renaissance Festival with my friend, we drove passed a farm with these cows and I about ran the car off the road.  Was I really seeing cows that were black on each end with a perfect, white midsection?  OREO COWS?  Really?

I did some googling and found out that they are "officially" called
Belted Galloways.

It's a rare beef breed that originated from Galloway in Southwestern Scotland.  

They are used primarily for beef, but it's said that they are often used to adorn farm pastures with their striking appearance.

Funny thing, they are also informally known as "police car cows", "panda cows" and the description that I used when I first saw them as we drove by, "Oreo cows".

Of course, we'd love to have cows on our property someday (and we just might) cool would it be to have cows this neat, grazing on our property?  I'm sure they are cost prohibitive, but still, as cows go, they are pretty good looking!  Who knows what the future holds!

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  1. We's gots cows galore 'round here..... :) And yes, I've seen the kind you're talking about.

    Hubby and I were just talking about talking 9 year old daughter to the Renaissance festival here.


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