Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, with temps over 100 degrees for so long, and a record drought occurring, it was bound to happen sooner or later...Houston is now under what is called Stage II Water restrictions.

Here is the "official" watering schedule:

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No outdoor irrigation on non watering days.  It's divided up via even numbered and odd numbered addresses.  There seemed to be some confusion as to the times, and what they mean.
I have confirmed with a city employee that if it is your day to water, based on your house number, you have between 12:01am - 10am in the morning, and 8:00pm and 12:00am at night, on YOUR designated watering day.

This water usage restriction applies to all irrigation systems, sprinklers on hoses, washing your car, filling pools, ponds, fountains, etc.

There seems to be some confusion about watering by hand with a hose and/or watering watering bucket.  I've read it both ways,   My thinking is they figure most people wouldn't stand around outside for hours in this heat watering.  Sprinklers and "unattended" systems like that allow for water to run for hours at a time and this is what the city is trying to prevent.  I will call the City of Houston 311 number on Monday to clarify that issue.

UPDATE:  I made some calls to 311, as well as checked a couple of online forums and hand watering is  OK, using a hose, bucket, watering can, etc.  It's the unattended systems they don't want (and that includes a hose with a sprinkler).  You can even water your lawn by hand using your hose, just no sprinkler.  That doesn't really matter to us as we've sort of given up on the front yard anyway.  I'll water on the days I can, but as we have a lot of clay pots in the backyard (not to mention the pecan trees we bought earlier this summer), they must have water every day or they will die.  I will continue to water those every morning before work.

You can go the official city website with all the rules HERE.

There are plenty of links to other water issues...conserving our water is important ANY time of year.
Until then, remember:

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