Sunday, August 7, 2011


When we went out to the farm yesterday, we noticed that all the grass around the house seemed dead.

Bahia Grass Dormant or Dead?
Or is it?  I did some research on Bahia grass, including checking with my friend whose parents have the ranch and everything pointed to Bahia grass.

I did some googling about it and found its Wikipedia entry HERE.  Seems Bahia grass, which is what we believe this is, goes dormant in severe drought conditions.  Without us there on a regular basis to water, and our lack of any measurable rainfall for months, we're definitely in a severe drought.

So we're hoping that this ISN'T dead, just dormant.  All my research says it should green up rapidly with some regular watering.  I still worry it's dead and I'll be buying grass seed later this year.

Hopefully we'll have rain soon!

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Kelly said...

My lawnmower was broken for 2 weeks. I cut the lawn on Friday and it looked like I was cutting hay instead of lawn. I'll share some of the green stuff!!!