Sunday, August 28, 2011


British Victory Garden Poster
This is from Great Britain, during WWII.  They were in on the movement as well.
Basically their approach was to remind people that if you planted your own, you would have lots of food at your fingertips, but if you didn't grow it, then you'd have to get an allotment.

09/2103 Update:  Thanks to a comment by Peter (below), we've learned how this really worked.  The 'allotment' they refer to is sort of like being given a piece of ground to share and grow your food.  So they were saying grow it in your own home garden, or if you didn't have that, you could get an allotment of land to use to grow your vegetables.  Thanks Peter!!

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  1. Ummmm... No! In the U.K an allotment is a piece of ground on a shared site, provided by the local council. You may apply for an allotment (some councils have up to a 7 year waiting list) upon which you can grow vegetables or flowers. Allotment in this case means an allotment of ground, rather than an allotment of War Rations.


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