Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some of you may not know this, but I have a fascination with jars!  Ha!

We use jars in our pantry to keep most of our bulk ingredients in
(pantry pics coming in a future post) and jars in the laundry room for sponges and washcloths and things like that, and of course I've been posting some cool ideas for using Mason jars (and other type canning jars).

I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Living magazine a couple of years ago, and always thought it would be such a neat way to keep sewing supplies around the house, or to give as a gift for someone who sews.
Mason Jar Sewing Kit, photo courtesy of Martha
Granted we don't do a lot of sewing around the house, but we do have the occasional button that needs to be put back on a shirt (darn dry cleaners!), or a hem that needs to be fixed, and thankfully, my Mom taught me how to do those simple tasks (everyone should be able to do that).

 --------- If you would like the official instructions for this, click HERE ---------
Jar as pin cushion
Above is another one that seems to be a smaller version, showing you can use different sizes to make different kinds of jar kits.  This one is more of a pin cusion jar, maybe just keep pins and safety pins in the jar instead of spools of thread and scissors...still very neat.

Anyway, this was just too cool to not blog about it.  When I make one for our farmhouse, I'll be sure and post the details and of course, pictures of the finished product.

Hope it looks as good as Martha's!


  1. I really like this idea, I did something similar but didn't think of the pin cushion on top. Thanks for sharing.

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