Friday, August 26, 2011


Today on my lunch break, I went shopping for a toilet.  Fun, right?  Alas, the old one, besides being old, had a small crack in it (insert joke here) and we figured that was a disaster waiting to happen.  And since we'll be putting down a new floor in the bathroom, there's no better time to replace it than now.

Who knew there were so many choices nowadays in toilets?  High, normal height, round, elongated, super water saver, bigger diameter flush, top handle, side handle, even antimicrobial protection built in to the ceramic.  In the end (insert another joke here) we went with the American Standard, Cadet 3.  It's the lower flush, but the one in between the higher and the lowest.  Being on well water and septic tank, better to not use so much water, but don't want so little that you have to flush twice.  This one is an all in one package, it has the wax ring, the bolts, everything you need to install it.  Hope to get that done soon. 


  1. Put your old toilet in the yard and "pot" a plant in it. :)

  2. @kelly: now that would be funny, and no neighbors to complain about it, lol.


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