Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So here we are, another day, another record.
Yesterday Houston reached l00 degrees again and that now makes 32 days this year with 100 degree temperatures or higher.  The previous record was set back in 1980.

Now we are on track to make the entire month of August over 100 every day, which I believe will be another "new" record.

So far we have:
June - Hottest ever
July- Third hottest ever
August - Hottest ever (so far)
Most consecutive days over 100 ever
Most days over 100 ever (32 and counting)

And this isn't even counting any of the drought/lack of rainfall records that have been broken.
Is it Winter yet?  Fall?  Cool front coming?  Hello?  Anyone?

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Kelly said...

At 9:30 PM it is a very comfortable 70 degrees. High of 82 tomorrow. I keep telling you to come and visit!!