Monday, August 22, 2011


From what 2nd Family tells me, the painter came last week and did something, I would assume it's the test spots for texture on the walls, but he never called me to say it was done.

Now in all fairness, he was going to texture one day and then wait for that to dry and paint another time.  But I'm not sure if that's been done yet.  What worries me is that maybe he went out to do it and ran into problems on those "old walls" and maybe it's not ready for us to look at it.  I called him today and left a message and will wait to see.  We're anxious to get the ball rolling on the paint. 

Once we have the repairs and painting done, we'll be on to the floors and when that's finished, the interior will be ready for us to start the fun part...decorating.  Of course we might not have any funds left by then, but hey, a couple of window units, an inflatable air mattress, a portable fridge and some sandwich stuff, and we can spend the days out there and stay overnight if we are too tired to drive back to the city.

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