Monday, August 29, 2011


As many of you may have noticed, over the weekend, we have joined all three of the major social media networks.  FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

It should be pretty easy to find us.  With the exception of Facebook, which requires a first and last name (we used Seda Bolsa), the rest is under Seda Bolsa Farm.

So how will we use them?

Facebook:  This allows us to write more, not limited to 160 characters like twitter, plus we can share photos, links back to the blog, etc.

YouTube: This will be the place where we link to favorite videos we've seen that we think you might find interesting, and of course later on, we'll be uploading our own videos.  Tours of the farmhouse, craft projects, cooking, gardening, decorating the house, etc.

Twitter: This will be more of an immediate feedback type of use, a way to post a random thought that pops into my head.  Maybe about the farm, or something we ate or saw, or maybe even comment on a news event.  We'll also follow a lot of our favorite people and groups.

Be a friend of the farm and friend us, favorite us, tweet us, whatever.  We appreciate it!

1st Man and 2nd Man

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