Saturday, August 13, 2011


Shady front porch
While the porch is still a work in progress, it's also still a place of respite on a hot day and we were surprised when we were out there last weekend.  The temperature was hovering in the low 100's, and outside, in the full sun,
it was hot....VERY hot.

We did our measuring and took some photos, and then stopped to rest in the rocking chairs on the porch.  It was surprisingly cool!  It felt about 15 degrees cooler.  As you can see, it's deep enough (10 feet!) that is stays shaded.  The front of the house faces South, so the porch never gets direct sun shining into it.  We had a bit of a breeze blowing and it was actually pretty relaxing!

This is good to know, as I foresee lots of time spent on the porch, probably with a nice big
mason jar glass full of iced tea.


Kelly said...

I love a huge porch with rocking chairs or a swing. I'm thinking the name of the farm is the Mason Jar Farm :)

1st Man said...

@ kelly: Yeah, I love that our porch is so big and deep. At 10 feet deep and 30+ feet long, we have over 300 square feet of porch space. Pretty neat!

Alas, not Mason Jar Farm....though I do like that. Probably would get sued by the Mason Jar folks, ha.