Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Scented Sugars
This is such a neat gift idea (or better yet, make some for yourself).  We've done the vanilla sugar and let me tell you, it's heavenly.  All of them are so super easy to make.

Just take your sugar, you can put it in any container to make it (we like glass so that the plastic doesn't absorb any of the scent), and layer it with highly scented, food safe (organic preferably) ingredients.  Rose petals, geranium leaves, lemon balm leaves, dried lemon, orange and lime peels, and of course, vanilla beans.  Mix them in small batches and cover them tightly and let them sit in a dark spot for a few days, even a week if you are so inclined.  When you take them out and open them they should have the scent of whatever you put in there.  You can them transfer them to nice jars.  Some people pour them through a sieve and take out the scent items and just label the sugar and use it like that.  I like to leave the ingredients in with the sugar when I put them in jars, as in the photo above.  It's so much more rustic looking.

You can use this just as you would any sugar, in your desserts or baking, it's even great in coffee and tea.

We will have to keep some going all the time.



  1. I have done this with vanilla as well and it's nice to add that flavored sugar in baking.

  2. @kelly: yes it's a great way to add some subtle differences to your baking. 2nd Man once made some cookies, I can't remember all the ingredients, but he did use some Lemon Verbena sugar I had made.

  3. I let mine sit in the sun for 3 days to get more flavor and oils for a richer taste!


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