Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, we have broken another record in Houston.
As of yesterday, we have now had the most consecutive days over 100 degrees, ever.  The previous record was set in 1980.

We have now had 15 days in a row with temps over 100.

The next record will be sheer number of days over 100 (not consecutive).  We are at 26 days with 100 or more, and the record, also set during that Summer of 1980, is 32.
Here are a couple of local weather websites:

Houston Chronicle Weather

KHOU Channel 11 Weather
That's yet another reason not much has happened at the farm yet, we are really waiting for temperatures to cool down so we can do lots of outside stuff.  Of course if this heat and drought continue, there might not be many plants left to work with!


  1. And this, my dear friend, is part of why I left Houston. I am currently enjoying a balmy 68 degrees with a high of 79 today. Windows are open, light breeze...... Sure you don't want to come and visit???

  2. Ah, sounds like a nice FALL day down here, ha. We might take you up on that one of these days...our vacation time remaining this year is limited, and we don't know how much we'll need for being at the farm (I have to take two hours off just to meet people out there at lunch). But you never know what the future holds! Fingers crossed!


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