Monday, August 15, 2011




Yep, that's our name!

Sounds exotic huh?  Like Playa del Carmen!  Or Cabo San Lucas!  Or Costa Rica!  So how did we get it and what does it mean?

Do you remember THE STORY of the painter that told us "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"?

We were sitting on the porch the other day, discussing the farmhouse, and I said "we'll show him, we'll make a silk purse out of this place in no time!"  We looked at each other and 2nd Man said "that's it!" right about the time I said the same thing!

So what did we come up with?  We tried several languages, to see what sounded best, was easiest to pronounce, etc and this is the one we like best.
It's Spanish...literally it is:  Seda = SILK and Bolsa = BAG/PURSE.

We thought about a foreign language version of "Pig's Ear" but got to thinking that in the phrase, the end result is the reward, not the first part, and that's what we want to end up doing with our farmhouse.

SO, welcome to Seda Bolsa Farm!


  1. LOVE the name! Good job!

  2. Cool job of coming up with a name. I like when a name has a neat story behind it.

  3. @anon - Thanks for the compliments! Join us back here and watch Seda Bolsa grow!

    @Mike - Ditto for the thanks. Yeah, we really always wanted a name that had some meaning behind it, we just had to 'find it", ha. Thanks again.

  4. Hi!! As in spanish (and portuguese) the words come in a different sequence than in english, if you want to say 'Silky Purse' 'A purse made of silk', you would say 'Bolsa de Seda'.
    'Seda Bolsa' is 'Purse Silk'.
    But it sounds lovelly and its a good story!!
    All the best for you and your little farm.

    1. Ha, so true. 2nd Man speaks Spanish as well and we actually discussed that. We thought it would be too much of a mouthful for those who didn't speak it. We figured it was close enough, ha. Thank you for stopping by, I just joined/followed your blog, you have beautiful gardens! Keep up the great work!

  5. Love it! I had wondered LOL.


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