Monday, April 20, 2020


Fruit tree updates:

This is the mystery peach that we think is actually a nectarine, which by the way we're fine with, it's one more fruit we didn't plan for but we'll gladly eat it if it grows well, ha.  It is finally budding out.

And here's some good news:

Here is the lime tree...blooms!

This is the orange tree, blooms on it too!

And lastly, the Meyer lemon, blooms on it as well!

The other apple tree has finally blossomed out.

And this is the other (actual) peach tree and there are at least a couple of peaches developing on it.  The next plan will be to get some sort of fencing around each tree to help keep out the deer...or at least deter them. 


  1. Had an orange tree in CA and the blossoms were absolutely the sweetest smelling ever ... however, the huge thorns on the tree branches were lethal! I would carry large grocery bags of oranges into work when the tree was over producing! My neighbors would swipe oranges for fresh squeezed juice! :)
    Now I'm in CO ... no orange trees out here! LOL

  2. Your trees are coming along very nicely and I'm sure the bees are enjoying the blooms as well.

  3. Such nice little fruit trees. I mail-ordered a 4 in 1 pear tree and it arrived this weekend, fully leafed out. Which will be a challenge since we're still getting frost and wicked winds. I think the words "transplant shock" are going to be an under statement

  4. Your trees look beautiful and are blooming so well. I love smelling the scent of citrus blooms. And the bees love them also.

  5. It will be exciting when you get fruit! I am trying to find a Meyer lemon tree right now.

  6. Just a suggestion, but I live in deer country -- did you know that they can EASILY leap a 6 foot fence? If you actually have many deer, you might be better off to fence around the entire garden, high.


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