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So...I've mentioned this awesome store several times recently. It's been around since the 90's, and I believe they originally were exclusive to designers.  They now have stores, currently 14 in twelve different states, as well as 4 warehouses that are open to the public.  

They have been in Houston, at this location, for a couple of years now.  We only discovered it from a coworker of 2nd Man's who mentioned it when she heard we were buying a farmhouse.  We immediately checked out their photobucket listing of merchandise.  Each store location as it's own photobucket see the Houston location's listings, click HERE.

We were amazed at the pictures, some really nice stuff, and were even more amazed at the prices.  Then we went to the store and wow, it was awesome.  Now let me say upfront, this isn't your standard furniture showroom.  Furniture is stacked and filled in every available spot.  It's an adventure to roam around and find really neat furniture.  Around every corner is something new and different.  They sell everything; cabinets, bookcases, chairs, tables, mirrors, benches, dressers, they even have accessories.

They are one of the leading importers of furniture from India and Indonesia.  This is all high quality, all wood (no particle board here!), handmade pieces that, best of all, are often one of a kind.  You must sign up for their mailing list to be notified of new shipments.  It is a place where if you see a piece you want, you better get is soon, they can't order more, and generally only have the one piece.  This gives you a unique piece that perhaps only you have in your area.  Pieces are constantly changing so every time you go, you are likely to find something new.  They sell everything 

As for the Houston location, we have to give two HUGE thumbs up to David and his staff.  He was so accommodating to us, and when we bought the first two pieces, and wanted info on a third, he emailed us photos, measurements, and even let us come by the next week and he opened the package so we could see what we were buying.  He couldn't have been nicer.

This furniture is all so nicely made and is sold at wholesale prices, probably 40% less that what you'd find elsewhere (at least based on our shopping trips).  We now have a kitchen hutch, a marble top island, and an incredible farmhouse dining table.  Be sure and click on each link to see my blog entry about each piece.  We can't wait to fill our farmhouse with their furniture.  

Does the furniture you buy have a soul?
If not, you are shopping at the wrong place!

Huge thanks to David and the staff at NADEAU.


  1. We too discovered Nadeau and love the store. Thanks for spreading the word, we want them to stay around for a long time.

  2. Nadeau is like the best store EVER. Great review!


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