Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yellow Kitchen Hutch from Nadeau
We bought this yesterday, it's going to go on the big wall in the kitchen.  We loved the color, and we loved the design.  It's very retro.  It's got room for 2nd Man's vintage bowl collection on the top and the open shelf, then we've got some vintage baskets we can put in the two open center sections, then there are glass cabinets for displaying other stuff, and two drawers for more storage.

We bought this piece, and another I don't yet have a picture of, at our new favorite store for furnishings, Nadeau Furniture.  I'm going to blog about them in an upcoming post. It's an AMAZING store!  

We are also deciding on a dining room table that they sell.  Since we're going to have this and the other piece delivered to the farm, we might as well maximize our delivery fee.


  1. Love it!! Love the new porch rail too.

  2. It is pretty huh? Very unusual design, yet looks kind of old, even though it's new. And you can't tell in the picture, but it's got that cool distressed finish, looking like an old piece of furniture that's been repainted. I can't wait to show what it looks like in place and filled with neat stuff.

  3. I love Nadeau, they have the coolest furniture ever. Love that piece, thanks for sharing.

  4. @ anon: thanks, they do have a great store!
    @ Thomas: it's great huh? We saw it and KNEW that it had to be ours. I can't want to show you (and everyone else) what it looks like in its "home" and it's filled with great stuff.

  5. Luuurrrvvve this! Unfortunately there isn't a Nadeau in Cincinnati. The closest location is Chi- Town. And dang that would be a heft delivery fee.


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