Friday, September 9, 2011


We purchased a new teapot / tea kettle recently, this black cast iron style.  It's very pretty, a matte finish with a beautiful nail head design. These are more commonly called Tetsubin...which is a Japanese teapot.

They are often handcrafted as this one is.  It has a nice stainless steel basket insert for putting loose tea leaves in.  It's made of a heavy cast iron, which means it will heat up very quickly.  We figured this will be a good addition to our farmhouse kitchen, and perfect for those cool nights when a nice cup of hot tea is perfect before bed.  Or in the morning while watching the birds from the front porch.  Of course cool nights are not in the foreseeable future now, but they will be at some point this Fall and Winter.

Here is a link to a similar one if you are interested:  Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot

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