Friday, September 23, 2011


Marble top island from Nadeau
This is our other purchase from NADEAU.  It's going to go on the wall next to the stove in the kitchen, along that wall that is all original wood.  This will give 2nd Man much more counter space and a bonus, since it has a marble top, he can roll out dough if he wants.

This is yet another piece from the amazing furniture store that features "Furniture With a Soul".  We've shown this picture to friends who all ask if we got it at an antique auction.
I think that's the best compliment we could get.

Can't wait to get it in there.  It might be awhile before we get the stove, but at least we'll have this.


  1. I love this piece, especially the color. Why have I never heard of Nadeau before???

  2. @ Thomas: Great huh? Thanks!! Yes, this store has been in Houston for a couple of years and we only randomly discovered it from word of mouth. It's like a well kept little secret. Going to write a blog entry about them this weekend. And wait till you see the dining table we bought! I'll post that picture tomorrow morning.


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