Friday, September 30, 2011


Mason Jars with Photos

This is a clever idea.  I believe in this context it's being used at either a wedding or a birthday party, but you could use this idea for ANY type of get together.  I think it would even make a great idea for just displaying some old family photos on a shelf!  It certainly couldn't be any easier, simply open a jar, place the photo in there, and you're done!  You could leave the top open as in this picture, or put the lid back on.

I just love finding new ways to use re purpose these time honored glass vessels.  There's much more to a jar like this than just canning!  Click on the label below (or to the right) for 'mason jars' and you can see all the cool stuff I've found to use them for.  And more cool stuff to come!

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Anonymous said...

fabulous idea! I saw something similar to this at a party once at place settings. It's cool.