Saturday, September 24, 2011


Off to the farm again today, with a detour to Nadeau to check out a farmhouse dining room table.

We haven't heard from the painter/contractor all week, no news is good news?  We're hoping it's nearing completion.  If it's painted all white, but still not entirely finished, we'd be OK with that.  We're dying to see the house in a different light, so to speak.  It's changed with just the wall changes we have had done, but still seeing the same wall colors we've seen for years when we visited, we're anxious to see it all white.  Then we'll KNOW it's ours.

Since the ceilings are done, I need to see about putting up a couple of new ceiling light fixtures for the kitchen.  Also need to examine the rest of the work the electrician did, put in some light bulbs for the exterior lights, take some more measurements, etc.

More when we get back!

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