Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Brahma work boots, Bravo II
When I was out there Saturday and was regaling the neighbor with my mesquite thorn story, he said I should get some good, sturdy, work boots.

I figured there was no point in spending a fortune for something that could get muddy, be poked with thorns on occasion and covered in dirt and grass when I'm working in the yard.  On my lunch break today, I went over to the local WalMart and bought these.  They also sell them at Amazon: Waterproof Mens Work Boots

They are the Brahma brand, this particular style is called "Bravo II", which is the style in between the basic and the steel toe, with these having the additional feature of being waterproof.  I looked at the three versions they had and figured for a few extra dollars, it can't hurt to have that feature.  I'm sure sometime in the future I'll be splashing around in a puddle somewhere on the property.  They'll get their first "real" test this weekend...

UPDATE: 7/2011 -  I have had some visitors looking at this particular blog entry and I realized that I never gave my test results.  I have been wearing them while out there (and even around town) and they are AWESOME.  They are a bit heavier than I'm used to...remember, I work in an office wearing dress shoes during the week, and on the weekends, I'm usually in Crocs.  But once I was used to the weight, they worked great.  Stepped on several mesquite thorns, no problem.  I splashed around in some water and my feet stayed dry.  I'm thinking I might eventually have to have a second pair so they last a long time.  My bottom line?  Get them!  For the price, they are definitely worth it.

UPDATE: 10/2011 - They are also "bee proof".  I wore them recently during my beekeeping class that I blogged about HERE. They were the perfect height above my ankle to protect my legs while wearing jeans and the bee suit.


  1. Thanks for your first hand review. I got some and don't regret it, they are awesome. Thanks again! Love your blog by the way, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. @Ricardo Montes: Sorry I missed this reply when you wrote it, just wanted to say thanks for visiting the blog and of course glad you liked the boots. They are my favorite "farm" clothing at the moment, ha. Please come back and visit!


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