Friday, April 1, 2011

OUTDOOR CHECKLIST OF FARM THINGS TO DO that the Farm is REALLY here, and tangible and
we're about to have the keys (whoo hoo!)
it's time to start putting together our dream property punch list.
There are two phases of course:
The house and what we want to do there.  
And then there is the property and what we want to do to it to mold it into our dream.  

Here is the property list, in no particular order:

  • Vegetable garden, raised beds, with fencing surround
  • Herb garden, within easy reach of kitchen
  • Annual/Perennial flower cutting garden
  • Misc fruit trees
  • Pecan trees
  • Berry patch
  • Beehive(s)
  • Workshop building
  • Pond
  • General landscaping
  • Outdoor soaking/cooling tub
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Party tree
  • Potting area
  • Storage shed
  • Adobe bread oven (2nd Man's only request)
I am sure I'm forgetting many things, but this is more than enough to keep me busy on the property for quite a while to come.  And that's what I'll share with you all, every step of the way.   Hang on, it's going to be an awesome ride!!


  1. What the hell is a party tree? Don't forget to put mesh or something over your berries so the birds don't eat them all!!

  2. Ha, good question. I never thought about the fact that most of those things on the list would be self explanatory except probably that, ha (and maybe the soaking tub). I'll create a post on that this weekend for you and everyone else who might be wondering...


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