Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is my favorite new addition to the farm.  We have no furniture, no stove, no fridge, but this is invaluable. 

I took it out there so we could have hot and cold water at the ready.

It holds a typical 5 gallon bottle and you can set the water as low as 37 degrees on the cold side, or 170 degrees on the hot side.  There is a middle button that supplies room temperature water as well.

With the instant hot water, I can take any instant soup mix (including the old college standby, Ramen Noodles), and have lunch at the ready.

One great feature on this one, and the reason why we chose it, is that the lower
section has a small fridge, so I can also, as I did yesterday, bring a homemade sandwich, some cheese sticks, and an apple.  It stayed cold and fresh until I was ready for lunch.

It was so nice coming in periodically yesterday and getting a glass of ice cold water.  Well worth any investment at this point!
That's something to think about when you have a home you are working on and you don't have your appliances yet, you'll still need fresh cold water for drinking, hot water for soups, coffee, tea, etc, and even a small fridge.
This one happens to combine the best of all.
It's also Energy Star compliant which means a lot for our
green living at the farm.

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