Thursday, April 14, 2011


Normally, I only have a photo inspiration on Thursday.  I will continue that today, but I'll interrupt this Thursday's inspiration with the continuation of the house tour!

So here we are in the kitchen...this is where all the magic will eventually happen.  The kitchen is always the heart of any home and that won't be any different here.  It's a small kitchen, but has a lot of character.  We're considering putting down black and white linoleum in a checkerboard pattern.  We think it would be very retro.  These hardwoods are not original to the house and hardwood in a wet area is just never a good idea.  It would be easier to clean the kitchen floor from spills, grease pops, etc if it wasn't hardwood.  We think there is old linoleum under there, so it should be pretty easy to fix up.  

This sink/counter top is original to the home.  It's all one piece, no seams at all.  The cabinets were built by Ma out of reclaimed wood.  We're going to keep those, but will paint them all white.  It's sort of a galley kitchen, by definition I suppose.

The white stove in the picture above is not staying, that's the old one.  We have already picked out the stove we want, 2nd Man has to have a convection oven for his cooking.  Our range at home now is dual fuel (meaning gas burners and electric oven with convection), but out there at the farm there is no gas, it's all electric.  It was not easy finding an all electric oven with convection.  The other picture above is looking back toward the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.  Sadly, that old Franklin style stove does not belong to us, and is not hooked up.  It's just temporarily being stored there.  No easy way to hook it up without some major retrofitting so it will soon be gone.

This is on the other side, it's a pantry. Since we'll have a big mudroom, we won't need a pantry here, so we're leaning toward new shelves and then turning it into an "appliance garage", a place to store all the extra appliances that might not be used all the time, but would take up too much space on the limited counter space.

Tomorrow, the dining room....

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