Wednesday, April 13, 2011


And the tour continues!  When you step through the doorway in the living room, you come into the master bedroom.  To the left is the closet door of a  small walk in closet, and then the other door is the one bathroom.

Looking this direction, you see the far end of the room, a sitting area.  Ma used it as her office area, and we want to make it into a reading area; a couple of big, comfy chairs, one under each window, maybe an ottoman or two, a couple of reading lamps, it will be heaven on a lazy afternoon.  This is the only part of the house currently carpeted.  We are considering floor options here and I am pushing for new carpet, just something in a nice shag, or at least fluffy and soft.

This is looking back toward the wall, seeing the closet door and the bathroom.  Room is big enough for a queen size bed, but probably not going to get a king size in here.  That's ok.

Floor in here has a couple of worn spots but it will be under the bed so I think it will be fine.  As with the rest of the house, we will be painting of course.  Ma painted the stencils on the door, patterned after leaves she found in the yard, and while I'll hate to paint over them, I suppose it's all part of making it our own....

Tomorrow, the kitchen!


  1. Keep the hardwood and just add throw rugs.

  2. Definitely lots of throw rugs. 2nd Man likes those old school braided rugs (in fact, I'll have a blog posting on that soon) and so we were thinking lots of rugs would be a good thing. They can hide a multitude of sins!


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