Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Another tree project.  This is a small half circle of what we believe are a variety of Birch tree. They were just a little out of control, again, lots of low branches, and renegade growth.  

Here it is before. 

Here it is after.

As with the other little tree, these just needed some cleaning up.  The low branches removed, the ones that are horizontal, the offshoots sprouting out of the ground, etc.
It really opens up the space
and lets you walk in and move around.

Not sure what we will put here.
Original thought was a small breakfast area (bistro table and chairs).
Then we thought about a couple of adirondack chairs.
Still lean toward the chairs,
but a new thought has crept into my mind, a hammock!

There are not a lot of places
(at least in my exploration of the property to date)
that have trees in the right configuration for a hammock.
This is also in close proximity to the house,
so that would make it easier to get to for a quick afternoon nap.

Time will tell!


  1. I like the breakfast area :) You also need a firepit area where you can have bonfires and roast marshmallows when I come down. LOL

  2. Before I read further, I thought "a small round table, with chairs...a gorgeous spot for morning coffee". I must admit, I never got along well with hammocks. I have a tendency to flip right over and out of them, so I'm rather biased against them ;-)


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