Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here is part of what I did this past weekend.  It's what we call the "mower shed" (where Ma stored her riding lawnmower).  She took the mower with her, but as you can see it also became a place to store just about anything extra.  It is after all, the farm equivalent of a garage and we all know how our garages can become an extra storage room for all that stuff we want to keep in case we need it later on.

Mower shed before

Anyway, above is the before, as you can see, a lot of stuff to get rid of.
Old tools, unused doors from a project, chemicals, hoses, an old wheelbarrow, etc.  

So I spent the better part of a couple hours cleaning it out, and below is the end result.

Mower shed after

Voila!  As you can see, it's empty!
I did return a ladder to it after the photo was taken, but it's empty now and just waiting for us to decide what to do with it.  It's very sturdy and well built.  Posts are set in concrete.  It doesn't have a concrete floor, and we are leaning toward doing that.  It would be fairly easy to do ourselves some weekend with the ready mix concretes that are available at most big box hardware stores.  I'm also trying to decide if we should enclose another side to make it three sided, or leave it open on two sides like this.  

I will admit that I like the openness of it.  We will have an enclosed structure later on, a storage building/workshop, so it's not necessary for this to be enclosed.  
I guess it will just have to evolve into whatever it becomes, but I welcome any thoughts on what to do, that's what makes a blog so interactive.  Give us your suggestions!

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  1. Of course, if it were me, I'd have to install lattice on one of the open sides, then plant some gorgeous Heavenly Blue morning glories, or maybe some Fortex pole beans....depending on whether I was in the mood for food or beauty!


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