Monday, April 18, 2011


Sad little tree before

Here was one of the many landscaping projects.  This little tree seemed like it had character somewhere under all that extra growth, so I stepped back, looked at the shape underneath and decided to make my cuts.

Happy little tree after
And here it is after!
I just knew I saw a neat little tree under there.
There is still more to do (as you can see in the background), but  eventually I will put in a nice flower bed around the base of the tree, to add a splash of color to all the green.  

Don't be afraid to trim a tree.  Just look at it and take out all the lowest branches, then the small stray branches that shoot off in odd directions and you can make it into the shape you like.  

Of course, this type of pruning DOESN'T work for fruit and nut trees, they require specialized pruning, which we'll cover in a future post.
So go out and give your tree a makeover!

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