Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is some more of my clearing process.  This is  another large mesquite tree, well, maybe 'medium' size, and it was surrounded by an out of control bed of cactus and other prickly plants. We want an area we can walk around and have some softness and color.

So I spent about a couple of hours, risking pokes and stabs and scratches, and.....

...this is what it looked like when I was done.  Still a few stumps I just couldn't quite dig out, and I need to move the bricks and that bench elsewhere onto the property, but for the most part it's done.  Once again I pruned some rogue branches, just the ones that made it difficult to walk under and generally cleaned up the tree.

After I get the stumps out from the old bushes, I'll need to decide what kind of flower bed to put around it. 

Do we want a circle?  A free form design?  This is literally the main thing you see when you look off the front porch or out the living room windows.  I know we don't want a square flower bed, we like a more fluid shape, it seems to fit more appropriately out there.  There is another tree nearby that has a square flower bed around it (that might be this weekend's project) and I'm getting rid of that (old railroad ties that are deteriorating) and I had a thought of linking the two together with one big bed, maybe in an hourglass shape.  Might be kind of neat and allow for a lot of planting.  But for now, baby steps.....let me get this one finished now and the other one finished, then we can decide what to do...

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