Saturday, April 9, 2011


Here is the first of our promised "tour" of the farm we just bought!

This is the front porch, viewed from the side. That porch ceiling is not in bad shape, but instead has been  covered in old barn wood, from a barn that was destroyed in a storm (on another property elsewhere).  A nice way to reuse and recycle something that might otherwise be destined to a landfill.

We will paint the house, keeping the original white as the main color, but adding a color to the window and door trim.  We're leaning toward red. Ma was kind enough to leave us the two rockers (in fact that was where I was sitting when I took the picture yesterday).  More on those in a future post, as I have some great plans for them!

Porch End Before
This end of the porch originally had a lattice covering that had flowers and vines on it. While it was pretty when in bloom, it really blocked the view of the "party tree" (see earlier post). So what I did was remove all of that to open it up.

Porch End After
I think it looks much more open now and gives an awesome view of that beautiful old tree. What we want to do is put a set of stairs here that leads down toward that area. We'll leave the set in the front, just to give people another option when coming out the front door.

So that's a sneak of the front porch.  I guess you could say these are actually "during" photos, not before and after.  When we're done, there will be true "after" pictures.   The door at the far end of the porch goes into the mud room/pantry and the door to the left is the front door.  Notice those screen doors?  I love them and they have that great "squeak" that reminds me of my childhood and my Grandmother's squeaky screen doors.  I'm sure more than once I got in trouble for "slamming the screen door" but I promise I won't care if anyone does that now.  I think we'll need new ones, but a friend suggested that I keep the hardware and if I do, I just might be able to "keep the squeak".

We're off to one of the "big box" stores, the blue one and/or the orange one this weekend, to start our renovation list.  More to come in the next post!


  1. I LOVE your porch!! That's one of things hubby and I notice about houses. We love great big porches!!

  2. We love big porches too. This porch is huge. It's 10 feet deep and 36 feet long, giving us 360 square feet of space! It's almost like have another couple of rooms to decorate. I'm not even sure what to do out there except maybe just a few rockers and some hanging plants. We'll put up railings of course so maybe some railing planter boxes. It's going to be fun!


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