Sunday, April 17, 2011


This was a great idea I read about once and always told myself I would do that at our future farm. I started doing some online research and found it's not that uncommon.  Here are some pics I found.  All you need is an old tub, and those are very easy to find either someplace like Craigslist or a store that sells recycled parts of homes to be torn down.

This one is kind of cool, in a retro, old west kind of way.  Sitting it on a deck of some sort would certainly make it easy to get started.  This looks to be two timbers and a small deck.  Love the crate for the towel and the lantern.  Not sure about the fact that it sits in the full sun though, my goal is to get OUT of the sun and relax. 

I really like this one on the flat stones. It's closest to the kind of area that I will be putting it in, shady, inset in a grove of trees.  Also like the white tub. 

How most of these are set up is to have a nearby source of water, usually a hose that can be brought over to it.  You fill it up, put in a stopper and then get in. Simple as that.  It's not really for bathing, though I suppose you could do that, it's more for just putting on a bathing suit and sitting in there to relax after a hard day's work outside.  I guess maybe it's a sort of "poor man's pool".  The drain is easy, it simply needs a hose hooked to it and then run to wherever you want it drained.  It's greywater so it's safe for your plants/yard.

Here is the area that I want to put our tub in.  It's nice and shady, though it might not look like it in this picture, there is a larger tree canopy over the area.  There is a perfectly natural spot in between two trees where I could put down a bunch of flat stones and then put a tub right on top.  It's also convenient to the back of the house where there is a spigot and a hose that would reach.  The drain could just just run discreetlly into that grove of trees.  I can see some woodland plants, a few lanterns in the trees, some flowers for color, some new green grass, and a nice glass of wine....
what better way to unwind after a day of hard work?

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  1. Hi, So happy I found your lovely blog. I am looking at putting in a outdoor soaking tub and found your site through Pinterest. I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Just followed you. WOW, your tiny house is just amazing. Seriously.

      Thank you for the kind words, I wish our house was as pretty inside as yours, ha.

  2. I suggest to place your tub first then add the stones as these tubs are heavy. Tuck the flat stones up under to appear it's sitting on a stone platform. If you place stones first you may have a chance of breaking a stone if the tub is dropped onto.


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