Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've had a few people ask me about the tabbed features at the top of the blog and when they would all be available.  I hope to start adding a few at a time in the next month or so.

ONLINE RESOURCES - will probably be the first update.  I have a huge list of links to websites that I've saved over the years and I want to share those with people who might be able to find them useful. 

FAQ's - will be later on, haven't had a lot of questions so far (but ask away so I do!).

PICTURES - I will update this soon, it will have pics I find online of cool things.

RECIPES - I've been getting lots of requests for those.  I'm currently testing some different ways of posting to see what's best and easiest for people to navigate.

PRODUCTS FOR SALE - That will probably be later on, as we start making stuff at the farm, craft projects, etc.  I'm working on a shopping cart application that will make the process easier.

TIPS - This will be coming soon as well.  I have a few tips so far.

This blog is an ever evolving project and part of that is to incorporate these things that have helped us and will hopefully help our readers.  Thank you for your continued visits.  It's great to share with all of you.  This has already been an exciting journey and I feel the best is yet to come!  -  1st Man

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