Friday, April 15, 2011


This is the awesome dining room.  It was once a back porch, but was changed into a living space.  It's surrounded by windows and it's just a great, feel good room.  It has an entrance to the mudroom / pantry (the dark doorway at the rear), one to the kitchen, as well as a back door that currently doesn't go anywhere (no back porch), but we'll remedy that eventually with a fresh herb garden right off the kitchen.  Door is painted with more of Ma's stencils, hate to cover them up though...but we are thinking of replacing this door with one with windows in it so that we have even more light coming in.

This table and chair set stayed with the house.  It's a great family heirloom piece.  Not sure if we can keep it though, we have a different type of table and chair set in mind (bigger and more seating capacity), but we've got some ideas to reuse this elsewhere.  Notice the sunlight streaming in....again, great light in this house.  We will take the blinds down eventually, but instead of heavy curtains, I think we'll go with something light and airy.

Tomorrow, last stop, the mudroom/pantry!

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