Saturday, April 30, 2011


No Electricity
Wow, what a day.  Just as I was getting ready to head out to the farm, had the car loaded up with stuff to take, there was a loud noise outside, a couple actually, and then the power went out.  OK, it happens on occasion....but I decided to wait and make sure it came back on.  After an hour, nothing, so we called.  A "major outage" had occurred.

I kind of had a feeling maybe I shouldn't venture off to the farm, in case I needed to be here, and sure enough, we called again and were told it could be hours, many hours, before it came back on.  Instead of going out there, where there isn't air conditioning and coming home to no air conditioning after being hot all day, we decided to just run some errands.

2nd Man didn't have his morning coffee so we definitely needed to find that.  Once we got that out of the way, we ended up doing some furniture shopping for the farm.  On a whim, we stopped at Ikea and I'll be darned if we didn't find some really cool furniture.  I had visions of the super contemporary or the European style that was far from a farmhouse...but were we pleasantly surprised.  They have some pieces that were perfect for what we needed.

For example, we were wanting some nice old style looking metal bed frames and found these:

The white one in the guest room, the black one in the master bedroom.
We think they will look awesome.  But more on decorating styles later.  We were just pleasantly surprised to find these retro styles, along with some cabinetry and light fixtures.

We didn't buy anything today, not ready to do that, but we made some notes and ran some more errands. 
Came home about 5:00pm. power.  We called and they said they had no record of our call.  Neighbor across the street said she called they told her it was all repaired and the repair ticket was closed.  She said she told them she was standing in a hot, dark house, and the woman argued with her that it was showing repaired.  Anyway, long story short, after going out to dinner,
and killing some more time at my favorite store, we came home about 9:15pm to ELECTRICITY!

Almost 14 hours without power.  Now as I type this, the house is cool again.  It's amazing how we take for granted having electricity. We should plan for these occasions and have backup plans and contingencies.  But again, more on THAT in another future post.

So this weekend is a wash, we have a prior commitment tomorrow so I won't be able to make it out there.  I'll try to do something around the house in the city to make sure I'm at least productive.

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