Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Bathroom floor before

Bathroom floor after
Here is what might initially look like a "before" on the bottom and an "after" on the top.  But it's actually the other way around.  The small bathroom had carpet squares down and we've just never been big on carpet in the bathroom (or any "wet" area for that matter).  So this past weekend, I pulled up the carpet, and then found some old vinyl tiles under that and pulled up as many of those as I could.  I will still need to get a scraper to smooth out the floor and get the rest of those old tiles up, but really, until we're finished painting, it's not a major priority.
The new floor won't go down until that's done.

We'll be replacing the carpet with black and white linoleum in a checkerboard pattern, as seen in the photo below.  I think that will look sufficiently retro and we're going to keep that same look in the mudroom/pantry, front entry, and kitchen.  We're going with linoleum because a) it's easy to put down, b) it's inexpensive, and c) it will give it a finished look for the near term.  Later on down the road, we can do something more permanent like tile.

Black White Checkerboard Floor

FYI, that green cabinet partially visible in the top pictures is the sink base. 
We haven't decided how to handle that.  We'd like to remove it and put in a pedestal sink, just to make the small space seem bigger.  However, since it does have valuable under sink storage and in a small house like this, every bit of storage is important, we just might paint it a complimentary color for the bathroom.  Again though, that remains to be seen.

For now, it's a new toilet, some paint, and then a new floor!

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