Sunday, April 10, 2011


We spent time today at the farm, just roaming around, deciding what to do first, what was priority, what was something for later on down the road, etc.  Came up with lots of ideas.  Also got to talk to our family neighbor that can actually help us with a lot of the work...he had some great suggestions, and because he's helped Ma on the house over the years, he knows a lot of the history.

It just so happens two very dear friends were in town, one all the way in from Thailand, and one we haven't been able to see in several months.  So we met them out there and visited with them.  They got the grand tour of the property, then we sat down at the other family's home on their porch, watching chickens free range around the yard, listening to the water trickle in the fountain under their "party tree" and just having a nice afternoon.

Then another dear friend was graduating from a leadership course and we could not miss out and being there to support her, so we attended the ceremony and had a great time.  Afterwards, we stopped back by the farm and visited some more, then off to dinner and back home "in the city".

It was a full day and I'm sorry I didn't get to post any new details, but I'll post some things tomorrow and continue the "tour" of the house and property!  It was such an amazing day out there, it's almost as if time slows down.  A nice breeze was blowing, the weather was good, the birds were chirping, and the company was the best, we couldn't have asked for more....

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  1. Add some pictures from your tour all seems so interesting :o)


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