Saturday, April 18, 2020


Kind of fits the mood of the world...

Just playing around with the black and white setting on my camera.  It's amazing how haunting the same setting is.  Green and bright in color, dark and somewhat ethereal in black and white...

Off to the farm today but not much to do today.  No mowing and just checking the garden.  Will water the plants on the porch and just check on things.  Storms are coming later today and tomorrow which is just a typical Spring weekend in these parts of the country.

First time setting foot outside of the apartment since last Saturday.  Not even to get the mail.  It's amazing how long we can stay inside when we have to.

Such strange times.  

Hope you are staying safe!


  1. I am glad the world is bright and colorful, not just black and white.

  2. The black and white pictures give a totally different mood to the pictures.
    I hope you had a good day at the Farm. With rain coming, your garden plants should be very happy.

  3. Hang a few ghosts on the branches, and the photos make for a great Halloween picture.
    2nd photo is like; 'can you spot the little black bird in the photo.' :}
    Yesterday was a wonderful day for working outside, which is what I done.
    Hope you had a great day at the farm.

    Your plants & trees will all be doing the happy dance with a nice shower of rain.
    I think we had a total of 10 sprinkles yesterday.

    Had to get a few things at the grocery store yesterday and it was pure madness at WalMart. Would not believe the people in the store.

    I do wish the grocery stores would mark their aisles so that there is just one way going up & down the isles. Some isles I just past on cause there where so many people blocking the isles so I just moved on. Needless to say; I got in and out as fast as I could. I just don't like large crowds.

    Hope you had an enjoyable day.
    Stay safe & stay health

  4. I love that second one, the canopy of limbs and branches.


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