Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Cracker Jars for Pantry Storage
2nd Man was refilling some of his pantry jars today and I said "whoa, wait, let me take some pictures!".  I'm not sure he still understands this whole blogging thing, but whatever, I took the pictures anyway.

As you can see these are the jars we use most often for storing dry ingredients in the pantry.  In this photo, we have two of the large ones, with jasmine rice and brown sugar, a medium one with oatmeal, and a small one with corn starch.  I used one of these Dymo Label Makers with the clear label tape cartridge...
Dymo Letra Label Maker make the labels on the jars.  It's quick and easy and easy to replace if we change out a jar for something else, and gives them all a unified look.  These label makers are awesome little gadgets to have around.  You can buy a good one and just about any big box store like Target or WalMart or office supply store like Staples or Office Depot.  I would highly recommend one if you are trying to get things organized around the house, they can be used all over the place.  They are also pretty inexpensive and since you can use them forever, you'll definitely get your money's worth out of them.

Based on suggestions from some of you, the awesome readers of our blog, I am going to add canning jars to our mix of storage containers in the pantry.  Those will be perfect for some smaller items .

As you can tell, we just love using glass as a storage method.


  1. Nice jars :o) and nice tip on the label maker.thanks

  2. Ginny - We get those type jars at either WalMart or Target (though i'm sure you can order them online too). They are inexpensive (about $5 or so each, less for the smaller and sometimes on sale). The good thing is once you have them, barring breakage, you have them forever. And they keep your items much fresher because of the tight seal.

  3. Love glass jars for storage and I luurvvve labeling things. I always use my works label maker. I have finally put this on my xmas list

  4. Tonya - I hope Santa brings you what you want!! Speaking of, I guess I need to start my list, ha.


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