Friday, November 25, 2011


Have fun on this big retail shopping day!



Annie's Granny said...

I was sick for Black Friday, but took advantage of Cyber Sunday! I had my daughter pick up my new kitchen TV at Best Buy (got an extra $10 on a gift card with in-store pickup), stayed warm and dry, and didn't burn a drop of gasoline :-)

Some day I really want to try Black Friday shopping....and hope I don't get shot or pepper-sprayed.

1st Man said...

I hear ya! We stayed home on Friday, ventured out Saturday (more on that in a post this week) to get one thing. Crowds were crazy then too. Not sure I'd want to risk life and limb, LOL! It's getting kind of crazy out there these days!

Robin said...

I have never gone to those Black Friday sales with the exception of my butcher. He has a great $100. of meat and get $50. free! Nobody gets rowdy at the butcher at 8AM!

I really HATE shopping and would most likely have an anxiety attack with all the crazy crowds!