Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The little tree is no more.  Ironically, I just had a post ready that I was going to make about this tree and how it had died in the drought we have been having. I was going to give it a second life in an outdoor art project.

Alas, Mother Nature had other things in store and when I stopped at the farm the other night, this is what greeted me as I pulled up...

The tree was not really big enough to cause damage (though I suppose it could have broken out a window) but it's still scary to see a tree fall so close to your house.  Thankfully, all the large trees around the house are healthy and in no danger but it's still kind of unnerving to see as you drive up...

I'll replace the tree with another one elsewhere on the property.  We always try to replace any tree that has to be removed (either willing or unwilling, ha)  with a tree in another spot.  That way, it feels like we haven't lost anything.

RIP little tree 200? - 2011


  1. We lose trees all the time. Will probably lose more before winter is over. I have planted way more than have fallen though.

  2. Did you call a nativity place today asking about olive trees?? I know it's a strange question but I was talking to a man who didn't give me his name and his voice sounded so much like yours. Brought a smile to my face when I talked to him. <3

  3. Sorry you lost a tree..but I'm sure you will find something nice to replace it..Maybe a nice fruit tree...

  4. Becky - Thanks for the comment, I guess it's all part of life huh? I love that you plant more than you lose, that's always a good thing.

    Kelly - Ha, no, alas, it wasn't me. You know I would tell you who I was! Besides, I already have an olive tree for the farm, lol.

    Ginny - Thanks, and yeah a fruit tree sounds like a great idea!!


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