Saturday, November 12, 2011


Canning Jar Oil Lamps from Lehman's

Our latest catalog from Lehman's had something that caught my eye and you all know about my obsession fascination with Mason Jars.  Of course, I always say "Mason" but this includes "Ball Jars" and "Kerr Jars" and really any cool jar that you can re purpose.  This neat, retro looking item turns an ordinary jar into a nice little oil lamp.  Simply fill with lamp oil, screw the top on, and then just light the wick.

They come in a gold color or a rustic zinc, and are only about $5 each.  This might be an easy DIY project too.  I'll have to do some Googling about that.

Until then, enjoy!


becky3086 said...

Here are some good instructions. I really like these too. Thanks for posting this.

1st Man said...

Becky - Oh my gosh, awesome instructions you found. You saved me from an hour or two of googling, ha. I really like the design idea of those. I might just have to make some to hand out as gifts from our farm this season. You rock! Thanks for the link!