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EcoSMART Ant and Roach Killer
We stumbled across this a few weeks ago while shopping.  We figured it was good to have something under the sink at the farm in case we ran across a bug of some sort.  It IS a farm after all, ha.

Side note:  I'm not the type to just kill all bugs.  I've been known to trap a spider in a cup and release it outside.  Many spiders can actually be beneficial.  But roaches, ants, and other things like that, yeah, they pretty much need to go.  So we got some bug spray.
Wanting to start this farmhouse from as green a standpoint as possible, we saw this and decided to give it a try.  Oh my gosh, we LOVE this stuff.  We encountered a roach, one of those big flying kinds
(by the way, if you don't have those wherever you are, count yourself lucky).

We sprayed it and it worked like a charm.  What's the best part of all of this?  The spray itself is non-toxic.  It's made of essential oils such as Rosemary, Peppermint, Cinnamon oil, etc.  It's about as all natural as you can get in a bug spray and best of all, it works great!  We sprayed the roach and without going into the gory details, it is no longer with us, ha.  It worked fast and as an added benefit, it actually made the room smell good.  You can't say that about any other bug sprays out there.  We were also glad that it's safe to use around our cats.  They say it's safe around children as well.

We're going to get some more of their product line later on, they have bug repellent, mosquito spray, flea and tick spray, and best of all, they even have garden insect and garden fungicide spray.  I still hope to be as natural as possible in our gardens once I get them growing next season, but if I have to use something, I'll try this out and let you know how it works in another review later.  At this point, we have only used their "Ant and Roach" spray, but based on that, we are fans so far!

So if you need to get a bug spray, I would highly recommend this based on our experience.  Stay away from Raid and those chemical laden bug sprays and go as natural as you can with EcoSMART.

Check out their WEBSITE HERE.

*this review is entirely my own, I was not endorsed by or compensated by, EcoSMART in any way.

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  1. we love ecosmart bug spray. try their mosquito stuff, it's great.


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