Monday, November 14, 2011


Drawers are lined
It's the little things...I was also able to get all four drawers in the kitchen lined with the rubber non stick stuff like we have in the city house now.  In the city, we use a beige, since i figured this was going in the bright white freshly painted kitchen, I'd get white.
White Non Slip Drawer Liner

We love this stuff.  It's great for the bottom of your drawers (and shelves) because it keeps things from sliding around.  It also keeps utensils and such from scratching the paint in the bottoms of the drawers and acts as a bit of a cushion as well.

Best of all, it's doesn't even stick, it just stays down by itself and doesn't move around.  You can find it just about anywhere, hardware stores, Walmart, Target, etc.

So, we got this done in all the drawers.  Now we can start putting stuff in the drawers as we get it.


  1. I like this stuff too!

    Your previous post about the jars isn't showing. Some kind of error pop up when you click the link.

  2. This is the error for "MORE GLASS JARS FROM THE PANTRY"

    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Two Men and a Little Farm does not exist.

  3. Tonya - Thanks for letting me know. Yeah, that's probably because I posted it by accident and then changed it back to draft because I realized I didn't have the pics attached, oops! Haha. So it probably showed as new activity and you were notified and then I changed it back to draft. It'll be there tomorrow! :-)

  4. Your making me look like a sloppy drawers look terrible.for now I'm not looking for extra work :o) later when I'm feeling like a neat freak i'll tackle them :o)

  5. Ginny - Ha! Didn't mean to do that, lol. We're just at a lucky point in that we get to stock a house from scratch. So we have learned from our mistakes in the city on what to do different out at the farm, ha.


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