Sunday, November 13, 2011


Back from the farm, well, back last night and then out again early this morning then back again tonight.  A renovator's work is never done, ha.

Took this picture when we got ready to leave today.  Notice how things greened up?  Of course, some might be weeds, but hey, I'll take the green.  It's a color we missed most of this Summer.  Color from any source is welcome.

It's also nice seeing the porch without all the construction stuff laying around.  For those wondering, the porch railing and stairs were built using pressure treated wood (lasts a long time and is termite proof), and it has to cure before we can paint it.  Side note, never use pressure treated wood in your garden, the chemicals used can leach into your soil around your veggies.

Alas, that tree there in the middle of the photo died in the drought.  It's fate was always up in the air because it had several things going against it.  Now that we have the new stairs on the front moved over a bit, the tree was a little close.  It's also more of a "trash tree", like something that just sprouted up and kept growing sort of wild.  And lastly, even when green, it wasn't very attractive.  So, the drought decided that it wasn't to make it, and as soon as I can get a chainsaw out there, it will come down.  I have a rule though, whenever I cut down a tree, I must replace it with another one, somewhere else on the property.

We got everything done this weekend that was on our short list.  The long list, well, that's a long list.  That might just last for years.

From assembling all the things that still needed to be assembled, to installing cabinet knobs, to lining drawers, to taking measurements for window treatments, to pulling a few things from storage.  In other words, we got stuff done.  I'll be sharing them in the days to come.

It's a slow process but every little step is a step forward.


  1. What a sweet little farm house! I guess I've missed the other pics of the actual home! YAY!

  2. The Porch looks neat, I love sitting on a porch or patio, so comfy..What's that extension on the left side?

  3. Bee Girl - Aww, thanks! I'm sure I've posted some along the way, but now that I think about it, probably not since the porch (railing and new stairs) was done. Mainly because the porch was finished right as the inside stuff was started and so the yard and porch were always full of trash and work stuff. I might have to post some before and after photos next time.

    Ginny - Yes, we're so lucky this is a big porch, it's 10 feet deep and 30 feet long. So we have like 300 square feet of porch. That extension is the mudroom. There is a door at that end that goes right into the mudroom. It was an add on to the original home. It gives much needed storage (and a home for the fridge!)

  4. Bluestem - Thanks for visiting...see, I told you you inspired me to think of something different! Of course, we have several acres and all the time in the world so I'll have to plan. But your beautiful yard has really made us think. And for those reading my blog, please visit his blog and see what he's done.


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